Skeeter Davis

One of the all-time Bubbles in the Think Tank faves, Skeeter Davis, passed away today from a many year battle with breast cancer. People have asked over the years just why some old country singer like Skeeter would be so loved by a silly show like BITTT. When you take the time to look back over her huge catalog (we’ve got 24 albums and still don’t have them all!), you’ll find that Skeeter had a great sense of humor. She could laugh at a song or at herself, then follow it up with the most heart wrenching song you’ve ever heard. Just a Kentucky girl like me, hearing Skeeter’s voice always took me back to the only part I liked when I would spend those hot Sunday mornings in an Estill County church.

Take a look at some of her album covers below and you’ll see why the JF and I always held up the pictures to the microphone when a Skeeter song would find its way in to any one of our many theme shows: cats, dogs, spring, and so many more. You can learn more about Skeeter and see other fabulous album covers at

Be sure to tune in tonight for a special tribute to Skeeter, featuring some all time Think Tank classics. Maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to have a link to them later in the week.

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