Eartha Kitt loves cats


Seems only right, doesn’t it? Last night’s episode of Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST was cram packed with strange connections brought forth by Belinda’s own style of stream of consciousness programming. Who woulda thought that Eartha Kitt,  Rusty Warren, Read more ›

It’s a Christmas miracle!


Finally, your long long wait is over.  I know you’ve been fretting about whether or not you’d have this year’s Christmas show available for listening in order to block the more traditional holiday sounds that your mother is sure to Read more ›

If I post a Christmas show…


…does that mean I don’t have to produce one this Saturday? I really do think I ought to just save up all my steam for the Heap Big Christmas Mad Lib this Sunday night cum Monday morning on WAIF 88.3FM.  Read more ›

Bubbles in the Think Tank – HEAP BIG XMAS SHOW


As always, the Sunday night cum Monday morning before Christmas. Join the whole posse complete with voices from the past for the holiday themed silliness capped off by the Christmas Mad Lib! That’s Sunday night, December 21st, at midnight until Read more ›

Bubbles in the Rock Mine – combonational!


A special melding of shows this Saturday night 10pm till midnight eastern Listen live in the Boston area on 91.5 WMFO FM or online at Don’t forget to check back at for archives!

She’s got a slow hand


But she does not believe that Eric Clapton is god.  She just won’t go there. Sometimes I just can’t even muster the energy to get the show posted.  After a show like this one, I can understand why I was Read more ›

More from the lost daze


Here’s a show I did back in March of this year when I was doing nothing but substitute programming.  In this all music episode, I’m sitting in for In The Groove doing my best Mr. Rhythm Man broadly defined rhythm Read more ›

Clean Plate Club


Not that I condone that sort of expectation. Listen to the food show here.

Just waiting for the leftovers


Due to the overwhelming vote count that came in too late for last week’s show, we’ll be taking on a food theme on this week’s Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST. Why not take the time right now to leave Read more ›


Home, it’s where I want to be…


But I didn’t even play that song! Just in case you missed the big pre-thanksgiving show on the eastern seaboard, you can enjoy it in its compressed glory.  Listen to it here. It did make me take a moment to Read more ›

Are you ready for your mystery show?


Oh, who remembers if I had a plan when I did this show?  I don’t even know what is contained herein… I guess I could just listen to it and see what I played, but that just seems like so Read more ›

And the hits keep coming


Another week, another show.  Well, this week but not next week although the following week I’ll be back. Week 2 of the new Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST made it out of the chute this past week with a Read more ›


Yes, I am well aware that you are done with this election past.  22 months was enough for any of us.  But that doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy a little non campaign-specific election silliness. Belinda comes out of Read more ›

A note from last year…


humility is in order, as i record for posterity the aural/oral heroics of miss belinda in the face of full-bore pledge boredom, voluntarily turning up at midnight to ride herd on my rowdy posse of listeners while i ministered to Read more ›

What? You want new shows?


I guess that’s just too darn bad.  I’ve got a whole mess of old stuff that only a handful of survivalist medical marijuana patients have heard.  Perhaps you’ll enjoy it without the benefit of a prescription. Back to the end Read more ›