Confessions of a pledge drive addict

This autumn is the first in 23 years that I have not been involved in a community or public radio pledge drive.  I knew it was coming and tried to do something about it, but, alas…

Wait, that makes it sound like I miss it.  Sure, when you’ve worked as a volunteer or employee in nearly 80 marathons, memberthons, pledge drives, and the like, it does get into your system.  But surely there is a time in one’s life to just sit back and take a break.  Right?

I guess the answer is that I really do miss it.  I know many people (you know who you are) think they can’t bear to go through another week of all the pledging, and all the driving.  Being on the other side of the mic, though, you realize that it may be the only time that people – listeners – have the opportunity to show appreciation for what comes out of their radio.  We on-air types, frequently volunteers, give our souls over to these radio shows we do.  Pledge drive is one of the rare times the relationship comes full circle and the love is returned in such a demonstrable way.

I feel blessed to have been involved in every pledge drive I have ever been a part of, on mic and off.  But tonight, I will feel blessed to have not gone to work at 5am and to be in my jammies by 6pm.  Oh…I better hurry up or I’ll be late…

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