Eartha Kitt loves cats

Seems only right, doesn’t it?

Last night’s episode of Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST was cram packed with strange connections brought forth by Belinda’s own style of stream of consciousness programming.

Who woulda thought that Eartha Kitt,  Rusty Warren, and the moog could be more connected than just during the show?  It’s freaking me out a little bit…

So what comes next?

6 thoughts on “Eartha Kitt loves cats

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    Freddy on

    I was up, had by then switched from the Fluffy White Rabbits to BBC Black & Tan Shabadoo, too wired & inspired by the night’s show to snooze,and just picked one at random to keep me company !

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    That was the Hi-Risers “Lost Weekend” from the Lost Weekend release. I love that cd!
    Wow…you really are going back in time.

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    Freddy on

    Catchin up….gotta lotta that to do…what’s the song about the lost weekend with the fancy tele twangin,about 16:00 ? can’t find the playlist…continuin my weekly BITTT high….love ya !

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    Elcorin on

    Super post, Need to mark it on Digg

    Have a nice day

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    If you loved that Hurdy Gurdy, be sure to listen to the one contained in the Mystery Post that has the lost verse written by one George Harrison. Finished!

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    Not Todd on

    I loved that cover of Hurdy Gurdy Man. I should have guessed it was Eartha Kitt, but I never imagined it was from ’95.

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