Get on up


I could just play Eddie Floyd’s Big Bird on every music show I do for the rest of my life. This episode of In The Groove, among other things, pays tribute to the great recording engineer Larry Levine, the man Read more ›

Pressures of witty repartee


Shows without a theme are a bitch to comment on unless something else happens.  In this new caller-free regime, nothing else happens if I don’t make it happen.  Or is that just the story of life? Oh, I do find Read more ›

Hope Change & Inauguration


Eight years ago, we called this the innogination at Bubbles in the Think Tank. But this doesn’t feel anything like that. I’m posting this special Bubbles in the Rock Mine episode whist watching the inaugural festivities on C-Span. I started Read more ›

A debt owed but not forgotten


I’ve owed this one to Mr. X aka Derek for nearly a year now. He was so excited about me playing Dave Edmunds that he wanted a copy. We’ll chalk this one up to better late than never. Not an Read more ›

Without comment?

Just when I decide that I have nothing to say about the show I am about to post, I think of something – not anything – to say. That being said, that’s really all I’ve got for you this time Read more ›

Bonus silliness on the front end


Boy and howdy.  Following Mike and the Classic Rock Mine each week has been like having a fabulous warm up act.  He gets you ready as I slide in behind the microphone. This week brings us “Sweet Sticky Love.”  I Read more ›

I noticed they kept walloping me on the head


One of the shows I’ve been lucky enough to sub for in my time is Terminal Whimsy.  When the host of the show, Andrea, first started, her plan was to play a lot of Goon Show episodes. That’s when I Read more ›

Bubbles in the Rock Mine – COMBONATIONAL


A special melding of shows this Saturday night 9pm till midnight eastern Listen live in the Boston area on 91.5 WMFO FM or online at Don’t forget to check back at for archives!