A change you’ve hoped for without inaugural relevance

November 1953You begged.  You pleaded.  You started a hard thinking campaign.

Now you’ve got what you wanted.

Starting tomorrow, January 24th, Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST will extend to 2 hours!  That’s right, Belinda will be there to fulfill your dreams from 11pm until 1am eastern every Saturday night (dare I say cum Sunday morning?) with all of the silliness and omnipop you’ve come to expect in this most recent incarnation.

Tune in for it each week on WMFO 91.5FM in Boston or online at WMFO.org.  Or you could just wait patiently for the weekly archives right here at bubblesinthethinktank.com.

Never forget to do the same for the ORIGINAL Bubbles in the Think Tank with January Fairy every Sunday night cum Monday morning from Midnight till 2am eastern on WAIF 88.3FM in Cincinnati or online at WAIF883.org.

So now you got what you wanted.  What are you gonna do about it?

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