Pressures of witty repartee

music therapyShows without a theme are a bitch to comment on unless something else happens.  In this new caller-free regime, nothing else happens if I don’t make it happen.  Or is that just the story of life?

Oh, I do find myself getting a bit more philosophical in these posts written during insomniac moments, but, then again, some of the the best work ever done at happened when I should’ve been asleep.  Yet still again, perhaps some of the best shows happened that way as well.

So on to another episode of Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST.  A little something for everyone, a whole lot of nothing for no one, rounded out with an extended RadiObituary segment honoring Ricardo Montalban, Clint Ballard Jr., Mickey Gee, and Bob May.

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  2. I absolutely love stories about how we, as kids, related to comedy. I used to hold my little Radio Shack tape recorder up to the TV for SNL. I still have some of those first season cassettes. I’d put that recorder in my bicycle basket and listen to it as I rode around the neighborhood. I’d also put my Close ‘n Play in there and listen to my 45 of Calling Doctor Love by Kiss.

  3. Oh my … flying sheep … one of my most favorite Python sketches ever … I think it was 7th grade when my buddy Steve & I used to transcribe Python sketches from the records and then perform them in our homeroom. I’m pretty sure that flying sheep was one of the first we did.

    Thanks for bringing back memories!

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