C’mon, Steve, get it.

Hello There

As the Clock Strikes Ten (or midnight), January Fairy and the English Muffin will Surrender to the music. We often fan The Flame and try for original playlists. But this week the Dream Police came to us and we decided to go with stuff that Everybody Knows.

We know that Your Mama Don’t Dance but if you Talk Dirty to Me, I Won’t Forget You and we’ll have Nothing But Good Time. Unfortunately, Every Rose Has it’s Thorn and sadly we can only fill an hour.

We won’t leave you High ‘N’ Dry though. Before we start Bringin’ on the Heartbreak, we’ll Rock! Rock! Till You Drop, Run Riot and generally get all Excitable.

After all the Hysteria, all that will be left to say is are you gettin’ it?

Armageddon it!

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