The rave of the brave

The Little Ones in Stars and StripesWas it the fireworks, the sight of the moon for the first time in weeks, or just the delirium of a four hour show?  Whatever it was, I’ll take a bucket of love like this anytime…

it was olympian silliness
(not ‘nati-, not philly-ness)
golden eggs in the pre-dawn lawn–
oops, sorry, wrong holiday…
— sb i

Loving the show tonight, you sure never hear this stuff anywhere else. oxoxox
— Not Todd

Great Show! Thanks Belinda, you made my work go smoothly tonight!  Awesome Show!
— marq

I’m all laughed out from those two great Bonzo Dog Band/Neil Innes tracks. My neighbors no doubt wondered who was tickling me so much! Great show, Belinda, although, as I said, kind of strange…
— Dave

you actually laid down at least 70 cuts–some kinda record?
— Sir Countsalot

I hope you enjoy it, too!

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