Blow those covers off

POWERWhen I was still hosting the home show, Bubbles in the Think Tank ORIGINAL, I played the cards close to the vest. No last name, no job references, no lots of things. And you say to yourself, “Didn’t she tell us stories about (insert personally embarrassing or revealing story about Belinda)???” Well times have changed, my friend.

Now things are different.  I’m still working in media, but not with an organization that produces.  So now I make the BITTT parts of my life a little more public in my professional life.  It grounds me in at least one reason why I’m doing the work I do for a living.  Someone told me it gives me creator cred, but I don’t know if I’m willing to go that far.

Remembering the popularity of my appearance on Talk of the Nation in a riveting conversation with Spinal Tap, I thought I should share this week’s national radio appearance with the Think Tank Posse.  You all just seem to care so darn much.

I’ll still some keep things off air and generally to myself, but otherwise we’re letting our freak flags fly.  Not that this radio appearance is all that freaky.  Not at all freaky actually.

We’ll save that for the weekend.

Visit the Media Minutes site.  Listen to me on Media Minutes below.

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