This is better than the others, it’s American too

While the WMFO transmitter has been at the spa, I’ve had chance (no…I’ve made the choice) to listen to a Boston area talk radio station during my weekly drive in to the show.  It’s been a harrowing experience.  The talk radio, not the drive…and that’s saying something in Boston.

The female talker delivers a monologue (or is it a monodrama?) observation of political happenings.  Last week it was health care reform, this week the beer summit.  I’ve learned from her recitation of the facts as she sees them that my employer-provided insurance will transfer to government control on its annual renewal date and that President Obama does not laugh genuinely when he is oppressing the white men that he expects should be following the script of political correctness.

I know this kind of radio is out there but that doesn’t make it any less jarring when I come in direct contact with it.  In this newest incarnation of Bubbles in the Think Tank (that’s the EAST incarnation), I sometimes identify with the lone voice speaking style of radio.  State something, pause for listener digestion, state something else.  It goes against every conversational radio preference I have.  Having no callers or co-host, it is the range I now roam.

But my range is not like theirs.  Mine has flowers and butterflies and rabbits and coyotes, a big open sky and many micro-climates.  Things happen there.  My knees get dirty.  Circle of life.

I can wrap it all up in yet even another of the many Bubbles in the Think Tank-isms that have helped me (and hopefully others) navigate so much of my life, both on and off air:

It’s all about love at Bubbles in the Think Tank.

And that’s why we all know that it’s the perfect place, and what a pace.

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  1. Not Todd on

    Would not surprise me at all. Hell, might be one or two on the board right now for all I know.

  2. The bitchy medley is riveting!
    I don’t think Reverend Ike was a holy oil dude, but there were lots of them. Didn’t one even get elected at WAIF once???

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  4. Not Todd on

    I’ve been catching up on Season Two of Mad Men, so the secretary stuff was particularly good for me. Loved the “bitch” material too.

    Was Reverend Ike the guy always selling the “holy oil” that would bring you money or was that somebody else?

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