The truth is hard to swallow

Still feeling a bit fussy following this week’s show, so I won’t blather on.

What happened, you ask?  The show was perfectly lovely, but events outside that perfectly manicured bubble were incongruous to the love shared within.

I shall merely quote further from the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band the lyrics of Neil Innes:

you dominate the skyline
yet no one knows your shape
you point the way so clearly
yet no one can escape

2 replies on “The truth is hard to swallow”

  1. Not only was it Van Jones, but I couldn’t get the full show archive and this site had to be dewormed (the equivalent of rebuilding the whole thing). The site still needs some tweaking, but I’m all tweaked out. [2009|09|7016e784ec38aa5ccebd802f979291a2]

  2. It was a great show. You mean Van Jones? That was a drag. He’s still working in the administration; they just wanted him out of the leadership, out of the public eye. We’ll see what happens when congress reconvenes, whether they keep harping on it. This would be a great time for Obama to follow some of his example and give them the business, to put it mildly. Jones is right — Republicans ARE assholes, or at least they are acting like it. Time to let ’em know in no uncertain terms.

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