But one thing i don’t understand

DishBellHappyOk, maybe a few more things than one…

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  1. Tanisha on

    Seems like you’ve got …not exactly early spring fever, but more like early spring eagerness. This particular post made me reckon that a thing in me personally needs tweaking, an alteration. I will have a hot shower and go to sleep, will always make it better the day after.

  2. Luz Vanderlinde on

    LOL is a must have for any techno enthusiast or for someone that wants fast paced music

  3. beaver! beaver!! thats screaming for taunts withl that title!! pal ‘jodie’ paired with shoot from the hip mel !! that is just one of the one things you and i both don’t understand. hahahah

  4. smiley face finally can’t stand his freaking smiley face……..pop!

    just had to draw since you can! hahaha [2009|10|96937701f91530dc77a11b331c66f245]

  5. such great questions! the mysteries will set you free (just love anything that will set your free) ms. b. you are one moxie doll baby! swak