We kissed to that voice each night

Getting ready for last night’s show had me looking to the past.  I must’ve listened to a portion of 15 cassettes of Unsanitary Outhouse from the 1986-89 era.  Strangely, most of them did not have Bill Brinkmoeller on them.  Why would I have not recorded more when we did the show together?  When we were together on an odd tape, we sounded like two great friends having a blast spinning tunes and yarns.

I was left with so many questions after the listening session (which, by the way, did not produce what I was looking for), most of them not to be shared aloud.  I did, though, remember that early romance with WAIF and community radio.  How on earth could programming like that be allowed on the air?  Dirty words, dead air, studio noise, talking tech with people off mic.  It had everything that the radio I had been listening to didn’t.

Memories of my formative radio years are hazy at best as any tape I listened to suggested.  Taking notes along religiously taping and listening to recordings in the later years certainly aided my long term retention.  My recent archaeological dig through a fraction of UO/BITTT memorabilia unearthed artifacts worthy of the Smithsonian.  Or at least a small shrine in my home or office.  Some of those pics have been migrating their way onto this site, but I hope to someday get a more organized approach for sharing the wealth.

Where’s my intern anyway?

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  1. Teddy Pendergrass changed the world of music forever, and will be missed greatly. His music brought hope to to lots of people all over the globe. RIP Teddy!

  2. Belinda on

    I’m pretty sure it was a National Lampoon piece, but I couldn’t for the life of me remember what it was. Then I got so wrapped up in finding the intro that I had looked up and I was out of time. Tis how it usually goes…

  3. Not Todd on

    I don’t remember star-shaped Spaghettios, but do recall Campbell’s having a Chicken and Stars soup.

    I’m pretty sure you’re right about the original UO intro having the “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!” line in it. Am I wrong in thinking Bill might have sampled it from a National Lampoon bit?

    Also laughed at “Lesbian Seagull”.

  4. Belinda on

    I’m proud to lay down the good shit anytime I can.

  5. “Get up get down get funky get loose”….oh ya!…and all that “good shit”! Missed it last night, but listening now (so nice Bubbles!)…great music, good chuckle…when you were digging through your “old shit” and sharing, and the RadiObituary…nice. Spagettio’s was something I just could not stomache, but Oh how that song stuck in the bain….yes the stars came later. Fang Suie(SP) Ninja’s…I think I laughed the hardest at “lesbian segall” but I don’t know there was a lot in this nugget…Thank you for my weekly dose of fun and sillyness. Glad I was able to get my fix on line even if I missed the live broadcast.
    88 :>)
    888888 Athena

  6. Belinda on

    I’ll put you in charge of recruitment if the time ever comes.

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