I heard you on Satan’s wireless

Last night took us down one of our favorite paths at Bubbles in the Think Tank East.  The one that examines the love/hate relationship we have with media and its regulation.

We love it when it keeps us connected, lets us know what’s going on, makes us laugh hysterically, or at least snicker a little.

We hate it when we can’t play something because it might get us in “trouble,” we don’t hear our position included in the conversation, we’re disgusted by what passes as news, or disappointed in the lack of higher thinking in general.

Here in the Tank, we may be silly, but we try to be smart and respect you, the listener.  Hopefully, each and every episode gives you a little something to chew on for the week or at least lets you know how much we care.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again:  We’re beautiful and brainy at Bubbles in the Think Tank.

4 replies on “I heard you on Satan’s wireless”

  1. prodigous download
    format stretching like a womb
    time to feed the cats

  2. A great show on the MEDIA! Thank you so much… [2010|02|e3b871496031894ff68531398acc5105]

  3. ‘beautiful and brainy’ the perfect medium breathing over the radio-waves via the ‘information highway’ inter-state via inter-net. thanks for ya’lls creative thinking! keep it real like you do. xolslsoo sherry

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