Is it really a podcast…

I mean, I didn’t use my iPod once during this show. I had the netbook ramped up and my phone by my side, but my iPod sat quietly in my purse.

Pretty soon, my pod will be forgotten on Sunday nights. Left at home like the spinster sister that we tried to set up with the postman but she had to feed her cats that night. My little netbook will be the toast of the town. Streaming its way into homes all over the world. Twittering its thoughts to its followers and updating its minions via Facebook.

And so I present… the toast of Sunday night. Netbook’s first show.

2 replies on “Is it really a podcast…”

  1. hmm. sounds like there was an issue with my set…. likely stereo -> mono somewhere in the stream.

    i’ll have to post my set elsewhere for the curious.

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