She grabs her bucket and she jumps and squeals

I’m still recovering from last night’s 4 hour radio extravaganza.  We started things off with the Not-So-Classic Rock Mine sitting in for Mike and Lyle, then moved right on into the eye of the silliness with Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST.

Today, I’ve had the joy of jumping on an airplane to Miami where I’ve been editing my little ears to their incus.  Offline in the air is where I write to you now.  The final posting will happen from my luxury suite where I’ll finally begin my full recovery.

I love to fill my bucket to overflowing with music and silliness for you, my masses.  I thought it all went swimmingly as I did find myself jumping and squealing any number of times in the studio last night…and even a few times on the plane.

For your convenience, I’ve broken up the shows into separate experiences although, in my mind, it was all one big lovefest.

Rock on.

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  1. happy trailsls to you! going south during the northeast tundra season is a good thing! you did a fantastic job keeping us entertained (and i know i am speaking for others). enjoy your egg-head adventures and return safely so we can get our next ‘saturday night fix’ of silliness.xoxoxox s

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