Freedom is the handle on the bucket of your soul

Two bucket-centric posts in a row from Belinda.  At least I’ve got the stash ‘o’ pix.  But now for the “actual” content of today’s post.

I’ve taken to choosing the titles of the posts for this site by looking at the lyrics of what I played in the archived episodes.  The title of this post is taken from a Neil Innes song that we played last night, Slaves of Freedom.  It is one of my favorite lyrics from Neil and I like to use it on occasion in apropos conversation.  Someone once asked what it meant, so let’s be literal, shall we?

Freedom: the state of not being constrained.

Handle: a grip attached to an object for using of moving the object.

Bucket: a typically cylindrical vessel for catching, holding, or carrying liquids or solids.

Soul: the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life.

As I read each of those definitions and weave my mental image of the meaning of the phrase, I can’t help but return to what I guess I always return to.  I picture community radio.  Radio that isn’t contstrained by a need to make profit.  Radio that is a free expression of an individual about their interests or community.  Radio as its own immaterial essence of magical waves that can somehow go anywhere they want on a hop, skip or jump.  Radio serving the cause of bringing information to individuals who need it.

And the bucket?  You really need one of those to clean up around the station.

Please consider making a donation to WMFO and Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST.  Anything you can do to help keep us going is always appreciated!  Go here to make a donation and know that you’ve done your part for freedom and your soul.

Thank you.

3 replies on “Freedom is the handle on the bucket of your soul”

  1. sbi on

    a bucket of bubbles
    on the half shell
    is better than two
    on the hall shelf

  2. community free radio waves is a drop in the bucket but the trickle effect can be so amazing.
    so please, pretty please, keep filling up the bucket. each grain of dirt or essence is solidified and can so easily be turned back into liquid whenever bubbles is on the air.

  3. It was such a great show last night Bubbles, like wine, you improve with age.

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