I smacked Cliff and nicked his notes

So we have zipped through chapters 1-8 (and some of 9) of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and to be honest, it’s a blur. All this eat me, drink me, tea party, hedgehogs and tarts has befuddled me. So a quick synopsis is in order because I doubt I’m the only one… Am I? Really? Oh dear.

Chapter 1 (Down the Rabbit-hole) – Alice falls down a rabbit hole.

Chapter 2 (The Pool of Tears) – Alice nearly drowns a mouse with her over sized tears.

Chapter 3 (A Caucus-race and a Long Tail) – No-one has a towel, so all the wet animals race.

Chapter 4 (The Rabbit Sends a Little Bill) – Alice grows big and gets stuck in a house.

Chapter 5 (Advice from a Caterpillar) – Dude, you gotta try the mushrooms.

Chapter 6 (Pig and Pepper) – Alice sneezes a lot and the baby turns into a pig.

Chapter 7 (The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party) – 6pm is always teatime.

Chapter 8 (The Queen’s Croquet-Ground) – Alice meets the Heart family and learns croquet.

Chapter 9 (The Mock Turtle’s Story) – A Gryphon takes Alice to visit the Mock Turtle.

Only 3 more chapters to go.

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