3/4 perfect is better than a wonky whole.

Sometimes there are technical difficulties. When I (the English one) was adopted to the posse, BitTT was in Studio B(ubbles). It was comfy cozy. I had my little corner outta the way. Mic, headphones and a trivia machine. Then the phone patch failed. Twice. So we move to Studio A(non). There were more lights and its a bigger room. Not my little corner any more.  But as I became more technical, I needed the addition room anyway. Then, this past Sunday we thought we’d try Studio B(ubbles) again. Recorded and broadcasting… and sadly failing. So a quick dash back to Studio A(namehere) and Bob’s my uncle and we are live and silly again.

But that’s the long answer to why the show is 10 minutes shorter than usual.

The short answer is ‘whoops’.

One reply on “3/4 perfect is better than a wonky whole.”

  1. a high five to you! once bitten twice shy, retrieving plan b was a learning experience to tackle studio a(non) toasting tea and a biscuit to ya.

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