For a chick who fills each cup until she falls out

Belinda cues up the Dickies!

Belinda cues up the Dickies!

Ruth Wallis has a way of diverting any episode of Bubbles in the Think Tank.

It’s no secret what I fan I am of the bawdy broads of the 50s and 60s, when all you needed was somebody playing the piano and healthy dose of sexuality to become a favorite of the cocktail party set.  I’ve oft thought that, had I a more thespian personality and the right sequined gown, I, too, could have gone the way of Ruth Wallis and Rusty Warren.  But, alas, I am not showfolk.  I sit or stand behind that microphone sharing with you, telling you my deepest secrets year after year, but only because of the cloak of radio.

Occasionally the cloak is lifted and you’ll get a quick peek of the flesh behind the stories.  But, if you ask me, the stories are much more intriguing.

I hope you agree after listening to this week’s episode…and every other episode… of Bubbles in the Think Tank.

6 replies on “For a chick who fills each cup until she falls out”

  1. Freddy on

    “Belinda cues up the Dickies”
    You sure can caption hee hee hee

  2. the cloak and the quick uncloaking is so HOT!!! thanks for the peek. them broads rusty and ruth are platforms of genius that showcases your inner deep moxie self!! thanks belinda for breathing life into art forms that deserve some ‘busting out’ xoxoxo s

  3. sbi on

    awaiting yr ‘cute butt’ show
    (eyes, thighs, i don’t know)
    computer subbing for radio glow

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