I just like the looks of you ‘cause you’re little and you’re small

It’s been said that every episode of Bubbles in the Think Tank has a personality all its own.  But we rarely acknowledge the physicality of the show.

The space, the temperature, even the furniture, changes the show in some way. Chair squeaking? Less time on mic.  Crazy hot?  Sound breathless on mic.  See a mouse?  Forget what’s cued up next. Way back years ago, I remember cuing up records with my gloves on at the WAIF studios in the basement of the Alms Hotel.  The studio was not so much moist in the cavernous bosom, as it was nipped out that night.

The content changes my physical approach sometimes.  In These Shoes? leads me to a standing show.  But the RadiObituaries always sit me back down.  More chatting over at the Bubbles in the Think Tank Facebook Fan Page puts me in a different physical stance than getting phone calls.  Playing records, well, that’s a physical process all its own (refer to image Belinda Cues Up the Dickies for example).

All in all, I not only enjoy the process of the show, but also molding its physique as much as it molds my own.

8 replies on “I just like the looks of you ‘cause you’re little and you’re small”

  1. Christian on

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  2. if ‘you always do like the intimacy’ is directed at me; is that bad? do i need an intervention? wink wink…

  3. It’s great how you’re always down with the archive when you miss it live!

  4. I like how you’ve moved from “you should” to “your rendition”…
    Thanks again for the quick response with the file!

  5. Joe on

    Good show! I was pleased to have played a small role this week in helping you keep the customers satisfied.

    I (and certainly others) am looking forward to hearing your rendition of “Pretty Thing” for the NRBQ Covers Project. For the benefit of any of your listeners/readers who might be interested, the page for the project is at http://nrbqcovers.atspace.com.

    I had never before seen this video for “In These Shoes,” which I’m guessing was made subsequent to Kirsty MacColl’s sad and untimely death.

  6. I really enjoyed this edition of Bubbles…
    hey mambo mambo italiano… had not heard that song in such a long, long, time.
    beige – wonderful prose
    egg and sperm dialogue was fun
    you rolls when you walking, you keeps on talking that talk
    Thank you Ms. Belinda….

  7. the kinetic energy you add to any live studio recording fits you like a glove! this provides the listener a physical intimacy in that space and time as well.

    kudos ‘in these shoes’ accompanied vid.

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