When her hips start to shake

Gosh, it’s hard picking post titles.  This week’s were so good, I have to even tell you what else was in the running:

– And looking very relaxed
– When it gets close to three you’ll want to take her home and have yourself a private party
– How can she blame you for tryin’
– Go berserk, let it work

You know what I do… I take various lyrics from the first hour of the show and pick something that feels like the show to felt to me.  Why the first hour only?  Well, I guess I just feel like that’s where I put my strongest non-Obit material.  That’s where what I’ve got to say gets said.

You know as well as I do.  I’m an open book on the air.  Always have been, always will be.  I just don’t always read as closely as you do.  Yet, just maybe, you should read me even closer.

Hopefully you’re at least aware of when my hips start to shake…

One reply on “When her hips start to shake”

  1. your “open book on the air ” always has my book-mark between your pages! you definitely are a hip mover and a shaker. (feel free to have a tall glass of water with that.) a message from the president of the bittt cult fan club.

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