I believe her rubbin’s awful fine

With Belinda doing two shows in one weekend, you know some content is going to rub up against itself.

In this case, your standard episode of Bubbles in the Think Tank EAST was easily maneuvered by the remainder of our rockabilly/R&B excitement from sitting in on Easy Ed’s Variety Hour (you’ll get that archive soon enough!).

We worked hard to stroke each and every listener that was playing along over at our Facebook Fan Page, and all were kind enough to share a caress in return.

Make sure to brush up against us Bubbles in the Think Tank gals each and every week.  We promise not to chafe.

One reply on “I believe her rubbin’s awful fine”

  1. oh how you ‘tudor’ to your listening silly students. is caressing a sin? if so, fireworks for us all.

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