But i couldn’t help myself…it was more than lust

The show gets me all carried away sometimes.

I get caught up in the moment, in the chance to be as close as I can be without being anywhere near.

I can be in the car with you, in the bed with you, in the shower with you.  Anywhere you choose to take me.

I can say anything just to you and you know it’s just for you.  Each and every one of you do.

Most of all, I can replay it over and over, and even reprise the best parts extra times.

Hopefully you do, too, with pleasure.

2 replies on “But i couldn’t help myself…it was more than lust”

  1. Joe Silver on

    Excellent show! I’ll be mining this one for monkey songs. (I participate in a semi-regular ukulele jam with some friends in my city, and for obscure reasons it has become somewhat of a tradition for us to play songs about monkeys – or by the Monkees…)

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