I took a little drink and I’m feelin’ right

Sometimes you just know when it’s right. Even when you think it should be all wrong.

Nothing about the ingredients seem on the surface to be the correct choice.  Or a good match.  Or a sensible selection.

Yet, somehow, the mix is just right.  You didn’t even measure, yet somehow all the parts fit.

You hope that you can make it again sometime.

And when you do, remarkably, it is still just as good.  You know you’ll have to have it again.

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3 replies on “I took a little drink and I’m feelin’ right”

  1. i guess, sometimes, tho
    it’s okay to be surfeited…

  2. lyric/keynote echoes now,
    like a plutocrat’s gloat…


  3. I listened to the show tonight, it was quite fun. Very much enjoyed “transfusion” – always loved that tune. :>)) Obits were awesome, as usual. The tribute to Bullwinkle creator was very good. Thank you Belinda… I missed you “live” and all the gang on the Facebook Page.

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