Show him how to do it, he’ll be mighty glad to learn

You are so open.  Open to whatever it is I put out there for you.

You want to learn all about what I like and just how I like it.

It’s not always the same, but you catch on fast.  You dig deep to pick up on it, taking in what you need to know in order to grasp what needs grasping.

And I want to do the same for you.

If you tell me what you want, I’ll move to give you what you hanker for.  It’s ok, I won’t judge you for what you crave.  As long as you keep coming back for it.

Every week at Bubbles in the Think Tank.


4 replies on “Show him how to do it, he’ll be mighty glad to learn”

  1. Sure, I may be a total sycophant, but I have to say I really enjoyed this episode of BitTT, and this post … well … this post might be my favorite ever. You are so good about making it sound as if you’re speaking individually to each one of us while also speaking to all your listeners and readers as a group. This post epitomizes that for me.

  2. shaker b on

    a range, not a zone,
    toe tapping or lap dancing
    secret public fun

  3. Athena on

    I just loved the Dance Music during the first hour… and the Obits were OUTSTANDING!
    Thank you Belinda/Bubbles… I missed all of you on the Facebook Page during the live broadcast, but I am so grateful for this archive.
    xoxo Athena

  4. We haven’t really had any dance crazes in a while, have we? The last one I remember is the Macarena.

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