Now I’m gonna draw some lines between the things that I love and hate: Top Releases of 2010

Last year was the first time that Bubbles in the Think Tank EITHER pulled together a Top 10 releases list for the show.  It just seemed like the thing to do, so we did.

Beloved by many, reviled by a few, the list just had to be made again.  I think we’ll add it to the long list of Think Tank traditions and immediately dismiss all of the usual trappings by ignoring our own practices of the past.

And with that, I give you the Top of the Bubbles Pops of 2010.  A taste of each on the archive and links to get your own below.  Placing an order?  Tell them you heard about it on Bubbles in the Think Tank!


Chandler Travis Philharmonic Blows – Chandler Travis Philharmonic
So many Think Tank Favorites on this list, but none like this.  Even with non-swoon-inducing content (unlike last year’s release), somehow I still find it swoonworthy.

The Man Who Fights Himself – The Figgs
I love how they do the album cover pose at live gigs…

Innes Own Words – Best Bits – Part One Neil Innes
We’ve anxiously awaited the opportunity to hear these bits for years and are thrilled that the time has come.

Word to the Wise – Bill Kirchen
Special guest heaven.  Jefe from Santa Barbara says hi.

On Campus – The Kongsmen
A full album of monkey, ape, and chimp songs?  Please…

Yay-Disc – Movin’ Jelly
YAY.  So true.

Our Little Secret – Edward O’Connell
No, it’s not the gifts, dinner, drinks, and gigs that scored his position on this list…

Kenji Got Rhythm – Kenji Oyama
Best use of a siren whistle in 2010, hands down.

The New Norte Americana – Paulette
How did we ever live without Paulette?  I’ll never look back.

Baby Ouh!Stereo Total
Cute, rockin’ and silly.  That’s all we’re really looking for around here.

Hair of the Dog – Three Bonzos and a Piano
This one almost got by us, but how could we pass up their version of “Sheik of Araby”?

The Essential Travis, Shook and The Club WowTravis, Shook and the Club Wow
Seems unfair to let Chandler on the list twice, but who can say no to this plethora of Bubbles in the Think Tank faves on one disc?

3 replies on “Now I’m gonna draw some lines between the things that I love and hate: Top Releases of 2010”

  1. i love the top 2010 lists! thanks for the introductions and show casing these really talented musicians! loving the figgs. xoxo s.

  2. That picture is exactly how I picture you as you look through your record collection to find the treasures you play for us each week.

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