So how can I get tired of you?

Sometimes by the end of a full evening doing Bubbles in the Think Tank, I feel positively weak.  I’m spent from a night lingering over your silly needs.

I do long to assure that all of your hopes are realized in each and every episode, yet sometimes I worry that, after 25 years of this, I must be empty, that I have exhausted all of the silly ideas that one could ever have.

Some of my ideas are of the traditional variety.  Others may be more newfashioned, yet I worry that they’ll be much like what you’ve already had from me before.

As I may sometimes languish a bit, I find my thirst for silliness to share swells as I think of you as the recipient, no matter how many times we’ve shared it together in the past.

The more we do, that feeling of weakness at the end of an episode is more akin to a languorous wave that readies me to do it with you again next week at Bubbles in the Think Tank.


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