Don’t Let It Be

It was a wild night.

At the time, it was the biggest fundraiser WAIF had ever had.

40 bands in 5 hours.  Each doing one Beatles song.

The Southgate House was packed.  Dagmar Haagerstom was the MC.

Pool of Gyrations…well…that’s a whole story of its own.

Many of us aren’t even sure if we were there or not.

But there’s proof.

Behold, the recording of Don’t Let It Be.

I’m on the hunt for pictures and other documentation of this momentous event, so please feel free to send along anything you’ve got to share.  Or tell your own stories below.

3 replies on “Don’t Let It Be”

  1. Chris Lockhart on

    In a long line of embarrassing moments for the GREEN DOOR, this one was one of the most outstanding.

  2. Shon/Mr. Mercury on

    Seeing all this really brings back memories. I remember that the rest of my band, “The Lunchtime Virgins” got cold feet and refused to show, so I had to scramble to find a replacement band, there at the show. Not having practiced with the new band, I was off and terrible. But, still, it was my first time playing on a stage and I was nervous as hell and as bad as I sucked, I had a blast. Still wish I had my shirt, but now being able to listen to this again, makes my day!!

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