When we’re alone here just me and you

I like spending time alone with you at Bubbles in the Think Tank.

Yes, I know we’re not really alone, but it feels like it.

It gives me a chance to be right inside of you (I know you’re still wearing your headphones when you listen, right?) while I share all those little things that made me squeal with delight during the week without you.  We revel together in the frivolity of it all while I try to show you everything you missed while we were apart.

I don’t even mind that we’re not actually alone.  As long as I know that we’re coupled in the air, I don’t even care who’s watching listening.  After all, I’m doing the same thing with them.

Every week at Bubbles in the Think Tank.


One reply on “When we’re alone here just me and you”

  1. shakerbell interrupt on

    the starved listener
    teeters away from the show
    replete and dribbling

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