But I take my thrills 33 and a third

Record Store Day sure got me thrilled for last night’s show.

I could barely contain myself…or all of the material I brought to share with you.  Heck, I didn’t even have time to take pictures!

Yet you still seem to get oh so many thrills at Bubbles in the Think Tank. I know you give me quite a few, especially when you share your thrills with me.

From your immediate excitement over Wesley Willis to dogs growling at Nipper on your laptop, from your stick shaking at the Think Tank classic Big 10 Inch to the spinning hot wax explosion, how could I not get my own RPMs up?

You’ll have to make a list of how to make it happen some more while you wait for next week’s episode of Bubbles in the Think Tank.


3 replies on “But I take my thrills 33 and a third”

  1. Freddy on

    You know you love it too !!! hee hee hee hee !
    Delightful, fun show, YAY Record Stores !!

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