Her light was off and that’s bad

I never like to turn my light off when I know you’ll be looking for me.

But sometimes a dark room is the only kind that will work for me.

I certainly don’t like to hide my light under a bushel. I much prefer to have it right out where you can’t miss it. Somewhere that there is no chance for you to not have the opportunity to bask in it’s glow.

I like the way you bask.

So here’s a chance to follow the light to the past. From 2007, it’s a little crunchy, aurally and emotively. But hopefully it will make you shine brightly until I return to you next week at Bubbles in the Think Tank.

2 replies on “Her light was off and that’s bad”

  1. None of the play links or buttons work for you? What kind of errors are you getting? All is testing well on multiple machines here…
    Give me details! I cannot let this stand.

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