Late into the night with the volume down and the lights down low

It sounds like part of the better-listening recommendations we offer at Bubbles in the Think Tank.

Listen with your headphones.  Listen in the nude.  If you’re going to call, hold your telephone receiver upside down like a microphone so you can feel just like us.

Strangely, for a show that is all about love, it has always seemed like most of our listeners are listening alone.  But I know you’re not alone.  You’re with me.  It’s our special time together.  I only stay up late when I’m with you.  I like it a little darker when we’re together, but with enough light that we don’t miss a thing that’s happening.  Let’s make sure we can hear every last sound.  Not a peep should be missed.

I never want to miss a thing so I can savor every last bit until we’re together again next week at Bubbles in the Think Tank.


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