Here we are in this cozy chair

Sometimes even the most uncomfortable chair can be the most cozy as long as you’re in it with me.

We’ve certainly been in some challenging spots together on the show.  Places where I didn’t think we’d ever be able to get at all comfy, where I certainly didn’t think we’d find our groove.

Somehow, though, no matter how lumpy the show, we always seem to find some way to make it the best it can be.  Sure, I might come away with a bruise here or there.  I may even be a bit disheveled by the time it’s all over.

But it’s always worth it to be with you.  Every single week at Bubbles in the Think Tank.


2 replies on “Here we are in this cozy chair”

  1. (wanted to add).. “Gone with the Wind” so beautiful.. but it had this realistic twist because we had so much wind it blew the tree down in my side yard.. so it is literally, gone with the wind..

  2. Amour, amour.. cracking me up.. Highlights for me Kavorkian.. the Big Sleep.. giving the those who wanted it, death with dignity.. Sleep.. lst hour, Dreams.. honor them, and they will give you so much..draw them, write them down.. I think Bubbles In The Think Tank is an honoring of creative process.. Gun Smoke Trails.. so funny.. Loved the Obits.. Cow Poke so funny… Thank you! I hope you had happy travels Belinda Bubbles… One day last week I slept for 12 hours straight..

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