Then you rave, you even crave

After being with you every week, I just can’t seem to keep it to myself how much I enjoyed it.

I try really hard not to keep gushing it at you over at the Bubbles in the Think Tank Facebook Fan page. Or to send you too many little messages letting you know.  Yes, I do tend to tell you on the air quite frequently, but you seem to like that when I do.

I do keep on thinking about it over and over again, remembering each little detail and how you would let me know how much you liked every little thing I did for you on the air.  Whenever you let me know, it gets me so excited to do it some more.

And then I crave that next chance I get to do it with you all over again.  It can never be soon enough.

Even when it’s just next week at Bubbles in the Think Tank.


3 replies on “Then you rave, you even crave”

  1. Freddy on

    and who can resist the mad-libs and the teen Belinda ?

  2. Freddy on

    There’s that gushing again ! Love the Socky and Jamie intros…

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