I got a funny feeling that I dig your style

Oh, I dig it, baby.  You don’t even know how much.

You make me laugh and smile and just feel so darn good.

No wonder I want to give it all back to you whenever I can.  I want to get that silliness right into your stomach, I want to get that stick shaking almost as soon as we get together.

But I know we need to pace ourselves to get it just right when our time together is never nearly enough.

At least we get the chance every single week at Bubbles in the Think Tank.


3 replies on “I got a funny feeling that I dig your style”

  1. As we always say: It’s nice to be nice when you know that you’re nice!

  2. Freddy on

    What Joe said ! I curse the unseen evil forces that tried to ruin Paulie’s birthday show ! You can’t stop BUBBLES !!!

  3. Joe on

    It’s so kind and generous of you to add a whole additional segment to your program just for the archive! Thank you for going the extra mile.

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