I’ve nibbled the cheese of it

We’ve had our fair share of cheese at Bubbles in the Think Tank over these many years.

But that doesn’t mean we haven’t enjoyed every bit of it.

Some times we’re a little salty like a feta, yet we crumble just as easily.  Like an Emmenthaler, we can be a little nutty.

But what do we like the best?

I like a Bitto – as it ages it becomes harder and more flavorful.

A Boursault has the creaminess that I love.

Oh and I can never pass up the perfect velvety feel of Aredenne Herve.  I love that velvety feel…

And, much like Stephen Fry, who can pass up a good Stilton?  Rich, veined, and oh so yummy.

So, yes.  We may get a little cheesy on the show at times, but you do, too, when you spend the time with us each and every week at Bubbles in the Think Tank.


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