Now you know there’s no place that you’d rather be

Why do I want to spend hours and hours there?

Why is it that I want you to be there the whole time?

And when we’re there, I need to put all of my attention on you and I love having your attention on me.  Even if you doze off a little, I know it’s still there.

Our time in that place always zooms by way too fast, even when we get more than usual.

But I do what I can to make it the best place to be for us.  Comfortable, convenient, and hopefully undisturbed.

How can I bear to even wait for the next time?

It will be here before I know it…next week on Bubbles in the Think Tank.


2 replies on “Now you know there’s no place that you’d rather be”

  1. Traicy Willis Barrett on

    Communication, Music, what else could be better…especially when you are great at it.
    Thank you for your show Belinda.


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