These tangled hours we just can’t unwind

I don’t even know how we got here.

But I am oh so happy we did.

No matter what uncomfortable spot we find ourselves in, somehow we manage to find a way to be more comfortable than we’ve ever been in our lives.

Even if I do come away with a little bruise on occasion.

Our time tangled up may be fleeting, but I do everything I can to make them last and last.

And I’m so glad I can play them over and over in my head…and here in the archive of last week’s episode of Bubbles in the Think Tank.


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  1. Freddy on

    The phone ringing when you’re talking about David Hess is pathetic me….and what a GREAT obit, how am i going to…..? Geez you’re so good at this….you sure were right about Buster Bailey… my my. You spin wax, me happy.

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