Come and do with me any little thing you want to

Who’s doing what for who?

Sure, I come to you whenever I can so I might wrap you up in the softest sheets of sonic silliness I can find.  I make sounds of all sorts that you seem to love to hear and I tell you how much I like to make them for you.  I show up with bonus packages of goodness when you least expect it and try to leave behind a little yumminess whenever possible.

But you…  You.  You grab on tight to every little thing I put out there for you and don’t let go until we’re done.  You listen to all those little sounds of mine and urge me on to make more.  You’ll let me go all night as long as we can find the time.

All those things you do with me keep me looking for more night with you again.  And this archive will just have to keep me occupied until then.


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