I’m gonna burn your bongos tonight

Oh, the rhythm.

I know you hear it.  You listen so closely.

Sometimes I notice that you even turn off all other distractions so you can hear each beat as it comes.

I love to hear it, too.  And I like to urge you on as I work up a beat that feels like the stroke of pistons, until your flutter is measured in meters.

And I want it all up so close that I’m right inside your ear…or at least your earbuds.  Because I know how you like to listen to each week’s archive of Bubbles in the Think Tank.

3 replies on “I’m gonna burn your bongos tonight”

  1. Ok your burning my bongos, so I guess I should shut up and listen!! I’m wicked late but I’m pulling my chair up and heaping myself a big ol’ serving of RHYTHM!

  2. Freddy on

    Well I missed you the other week, and I’ll miss you this Saturday….like an Organ Grinder without a Monkey

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