And you know when I’m down to just my socks what time it is

I know…we go through this every week.

I talk about how I lay myself bare for you at the show.

I wax on about how good you are to me for being there. But you know I wouldn’t keep telling you if it wasn’t true. You get me in that studio and I feel like I just need to drape myself over you.  How can it feel like every time is so perfect that I don’t even want to shift into the next show?  You keep on stroking me over at the Bubbles in the Think Tank Facebook Fan Page and I never ask you to stop.  It just feels so good.

Luckily we have the archive to keep us good and snuggly until the next time we’re together.  Sometimes, like this one, you even get a little extra something to hold you over.


5 replies on “And you know when I’m down to just my socks what time it is”

  1. Freddy on

    Listening again….BTW it was ”Grand Exalted Dominatrix Monkey Queen of Rock’n’Roll”
    ….I should have posted that, but the Titular Head was celebrating the bigger Staff a bit too much…

  2. Freddy on

    So glad to have you and Paulie aboard !! I know how you feel, I remember how I felt when my ascension embiggened the Staff…..
    But seriously, it really is a kick to be part of this, ain’t it ? I tell ya.

  3. December 3, 2011 will always hold a special place in my heart, as the date I ascended to Churlmanship of the Board. I thank Belinda and the Staff® for their faith in me, and will do my part to uphold the silliness.

  4. Freddy on

    Yet another great obit show….I already have enough obits for the next year’s best of show !!!
    You are making my job harder !

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