But how’d I know I’d end up in charge of all these people?

We’ve spoken often of the ever embiggening staff of Bubbles in the Think Tank.

I guess I’m just one of those gals who always needs a little more.  A little more excitement.  A little more attention.  A little more rest.  A little more fun.  A little more of everything.

So, in trying to get all those little bits, it has become clear that I alone can never take care of all of my many needs.  I mean, I *can* take care of some of my needs pretty darn well myself, but I always appreciate it when you lend your hand to the task before you.

Thankfully, you are always willing to help.  Whether it’s during the show, making sure I play the right silliness at the right time, telling me not to stop…please don’t stop… Or at times like these when we need your help with our Petite 7 Inch Record project.

Any time, any where, we always need you.  To help us make a record, to help us have a good time, or just to listen to the archive of the show and let us know we helped you, too.


One reply on “But how’d I know I’d end up in charge of all these people?”

  1. Freddy on

    Man these images you come up with crack Freddy up….I have known a few double-baggers in my life ha ha…..

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