You make me feel so good when the moon is shinin’ bright

Some nights, when we first get together, I just ain’t feelin’ right.

But within seconds, I manage to adjust my attitude…and it seems like yours, too.

It’s so easy when it happens even when I’m sure there can’t be any way that this can keep working as well as it does.

Yet somehow it gets better all the time.

All these years, all these shows, all the different places, all the silly ways we do it.

I guess all that really matters is that we’re together holding on tight, each and every week at Bubbles in the Think Tank.


2 replies on “You make me feel so good when the moon is shinin’ bright”

  1. P.S. Just a small amount of churlishness: Contrary to what it says at (and consequently in your RadiObit), Tom Ardolino did not play on Scraps. 🙂

  2. Belinda, this was an extraordinary show. You did a great job of pulling it all together on the same day that we learned the sad news of Tom Ardolino’s death. Thanks for providing a place for us to gather and hold a “virtual wake.” It was a fitting celebration of Tommy’s life and of the joy he brought to so many.

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