When I’m close to you I wanna touch you

I marvel regularly at how close I feel to you on the radio.  I know it’s crazy…especially if you’re not even listening.

But each word into the mic feels like contact.  My sentences stroke, my phrases flick.

Each number I play is a little attempt to nudge you.   Just as I try to grab you with my greeting.

So as I brush you with bywords, always remember to poke me with your own pronouncements…in the comments below or on our Facebook Fan Page.

It’s all just to pull you a little closer, even in this archive of Bubbles in the Think Tank.


2 replies on “When I’m close to you I wanna touch you”

  1. Freddy on

    I do believe the chimp is curious about any possible evolutionary equipment modifications.

  2. Freddy on

    Wonderful show, great obits, and that’s one hell of a ….curious chimp pic !

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