Someday we’re gonna do the wang dang doodle all night long


Sometimes all night long is the only way I want it.

Yeah, an hour or two here and there is all we can have.  But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to prolong our times together, letting the minutes swell into hours.  I want to straddle day into night and back to daytime again.

So enjoy this swollen archive.  A show of this size is only rivaled by the ever embiggening staff of Bubbles in the Think Tank.


* Is that what you’re calling it tonight?

One thought on “Someday we’re gonna do the wang dang doodle all night long

  1. avatar
    Freddy on

    That girl needs her Head.
    I use ITWYCIN (Is that what you’re calling it now ?) I thought that’s what it was originally….whatever. The Bubble Entendres were flying that night !!! Hee!
    Epic Whimsy to the max….what a lively night it was !!
    Thanks for another great freakin’ show blah blah blah!!

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