Feelin’ fresh and oh so perky

You know how it is whenever we’re together.

I’m positively bubbly about the chance to make you happy.   I get all chipper, you get all cocky, and before you know it, we’re all frisky together, frolicking in the silliness.

You’re positively breezy, the way you slide right in, while I’m downright lusty in my devotion to giving you what you want.

So take part in this archive, full of pep and spanking the birthday boy, Marshall Frederick Stockwell, Jr., our Titular Head of Research, at each opportunity presented.  It’s the kind of show that makes sure he feels more vigorous than when he arrived…and we hope it puts a little zing in your step too.


One reply on “Feelin’ fresh and oh so perky”

  1. Freddy on

    So I’m your little monkey ? Hey we could all use a little monkey sometimes 🙂
    I think can state, with the total objectivity and professional impartiality that is the hallmark of the Office of the Titular Head of Research, that this was the best show EVER.
    At least till next week or the week after that 🙂
    And it really couldn’t have come at a better time for me personally. Love ya Boss!

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