I know I like the touch that makes you glow

Remarkably it works every time.

The show starts and within seconds we’ve made the connection and somehow manage to maintain contact no matter how long we go.

Each flick of a switch seems sets you aflame, every nudge brings you to blaze.

And for me, your virtual gaze is like a graze makes me flush.  Each stroke of your keyboard sees me sparkle plenty.

So the show continues in this touch and go, each and every week at Bubbles in the Think Tank.


4 thoughts on “I know I like the touch that makes you glow

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    dj grampa scratchy on

    Al Capp would be surprised to find Sparkle Plenty moonlighting…

  2. avatar
    Freddy on

    No, you sent me a few suggestions once, maybe? This was one we liked but decided against….great but not that relevant to whatever the show was …:)

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