It controls my clothes

blow braYou’ve heard about my beginning of the show ritual.  More accurately, you’ve probably just heard it.

The show opens and I take to the mic to introduce the night’s program.  By rote, I say the same things to start every single time.  That’s so I can strip down to the appropriate layers of clothing once I’m surrounded by all that hot equipment.

I do it fast.  I do it as soon as I can.  I just have to get down to your favorite little tank top that I so often wear.  It the best way to get as close to the silliness as I can.  I get so hot by the time I wrap up the monologue that I don’t need to cover up, even with a cold and wet icy rain outside the window. All I need is to know you’re right there, wanting to hear every little sound of the show and telling me how much you like it all.

And then it makes me a little sad at the end when I have to put everything back on, but at least I have all the memories of our time together here in the archives of Bubbles in the Think Tank.


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